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How-To-Style-Hair Instructional Styling Video™

Your Personal Hair Stylist - AT HOME™!!

After years of styling clients hair and having them say, “it’s looking great - I wish I could style my hair like this at home,” we decided to create this DVD. Our goal is to provide a tool which will help women accomplish this. “Inspirations” is the name of our salon. Our clients often tell us how they enjoy coming to our salon because it’s such a fun, professional and positive environment. That is the best compliment anyone could give us. You'll find this fun, professional and positive approach comes through in our Professional Styling Video. --Ann --Dolora --Sue

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The Solution for Your Bad Hair Day!

PROBLEM: You're going someplace where you REALLY want to look nice, but you haven't been to the Salon for a while

SOLUTION: Your Personal Hair Stylist - AT HOME!!™ DVD video shows you the same techniques your Salon would use to spiff up your hair so it looks as great as the day you had it done by the Professionals! Click Here to Learn More!


Our Client Testimonials


We have lots of happy customers and many have given us testimonials on their experience and satisfaction.

In "Your Personal Hair Stylist At Home" Ann shares how to use a flat iron by sectioning your hair starting from underneath and taking manageable sections and spraying a thermal protector on each section. I knew how to flat iron my hair before, but by using the sectioning Ann shows in the DVD I can do it much quicker and I don"t have to keep going over the sections to get my hair sleek and smooth. By watching the DVD I have learned a lot of great tips for styling my hair that I didn't know before. --Laura S.

The DVD Case

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Hi, Everyone!!

style at homeHi! - I'm Sue. My fellow stylists and I are going to provide you step-by-step instructions to allow you to keep your hair looking like you just came from a salon, every day!
ann style at homeLearn to style your hair by following along as we each style our own hair in six different ways. You'll amaze yourself! --Ann
delora style at home We guarantee you won't find an instructional video value like this one anywhere else. Similar (but not nearly as good!) hair videos cost well over $100! --Dolora

Video Testimonials

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DVD Chapters

  1.Blowdry & Roundbrush
  2.Flatiron Techniques
  3.Velcro Rollers
  4.Curling Iron
  5.The Dressy Ponytail
  6.Spiral Curls

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Cool Hair Facts

The number of hairs on the head varies with the hair's natural color. Redheads have about 90,000. Black - 108,000. Brown or Blond - 140,000.

The curling iron was developed by Frenchman Marcel Grateau in 1875.